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delivery Dec 30, 2017
About Etna


The company which was established in 1980’s and initiated its activities with project based atelier work, took its place in construction sector due to several activities especially in Istanbul and environment.

In competence with the principle of presenting contemporary and modern living standards, the company constructs the future’s residential areas with its long history and successful activities in the sector.

Etna Construction that operates due to recent technology with its qualified management staff, petulant architectures, competent engineers, adopted the construction of principle of residential areas related with developed social living values, sensitive to environment, sensitive to security and meeting all social needs of individuals.

Etna Kandemir Evleri


With Etna Kandemir Flats, Etna (İnşaat) Construction presents you residential places in high living standards that meet the contemporary living needs of urban population.

Etna Kandemir Flats is a multi-dimensional mass housing project including open pool, heated indoor pool, Turkish bath and sauna for separate usage of men and women, fitness center, social facilities, cafe, closed parking garage and closed circuit camera system.

It is designed as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 114 flats and 6 commercial areas on 3.662,73 m2 area in Çekmeköy, which is one of the rapidly progressing areas in Anatolian side of Istanbul.

2 km to 3rd bridge of which construction is in progress (The name called Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is planning to be opened latest by the end of 2016),
8 km to Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge connection,
21 km to Boğaziçi Bridge,
25 km to Sabiha Gökçen Airport,
3 km to Çekmeköy Alemdağ State Hospital,
1 km to Özyeğin University,
50 meters to Çekmeköy-Şile Highway,
50 meters to Çekmeköy Adnan Menderes Youth and Culture Center,
100 meters to Taşdelen – Üsküdar subway station which is still under construction,
4 km to Metrogarden Shopping Center,
8 km to Meydan Istanbul Mall.

apartment square meter plans


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tech spec details


This specification defines the general design, installation principles, general system and general terms of system and materials for flats in Etna Kandemir Houses.

Total of 114 flats and 6 commercial areas in 2 blocks in Çekmeköy 158 square/16 parcel. All materials should be 1st class and have to meet TSE norms.

2.1. Buildings will be constructed in reinforced concrete carcass system with materials in competence with specifications of Ministry of Public Works, recent earthquake regulation, TSE standards and European Union Standards (CE). In competence with statics project, spread foundation will be constructed with lift joint, column, beamed and asmelon tiling. Concrete class C30/37 (ALBAYRAK CONCRETE), TSE, KGS certificated. In the construction of buildings ST3 certificated ribbed structural iron.

2.2. Edger walls will be composed of lift joint and brick (or gas concrete) on gypsum plaster (KNAUF,ENTEGRE or equivalent) or sateen plaster on black laying (KNAUF,ENTEGRE or equivalent). For the adjacent walls of the flats, double walls with sound insulation will be applied.

The exterior of the building will be applied with black plaster and will be covered with 4 cm carbon supported with TSE standards (KNAUF, WEBER or equivalent). On jacketing there will be application of plaster, decorative plaster and paint (JOTUN, MARSHALL, POLISAN, DYO or equivalent). Due to the design of face, for some parts wood design composite (SARAY, ASAŞ or equivalent) will be applied. Aluminum profiled handrail and laminated glass handrail system will be used in competence with exterior face design. Roofs will be ferro-concrete , will be covered with first class ceramic and will be heat and water isolated.

4.1. For the outer faces, 70 profiled PVC woodworking will be used. Inner face will be covered with white, outer face will be covered with gray (PİMAPEN, ADOPEN, FIRATPEN, SCHÜCO and equivalent). 4.2 double glazing will be applied. (4+16+4 mm)

5.1. Entrance Hall and Aisles and Furniture: 1st class ceramic (VİTRA, ÇANAKKALE,KÜTAHYA,EGE SERAMİK,SERAMICA or equivalent) Walls: Gypsum plaster (KNAUF,ENTEGRE or equivalent) on it water based painting (MARSHALL, DYO, POLİSAN or equivalent) Ceilings: water based ceiling painting and papier-mache (MARSHAL,DYO,POLİSAN or equivalent) Cabinets: acrylic, lacquer, mdflam or wooden covered wardrobe.

5.2. Saloon
Tiling: Lamparquet and baseboard (ÇAMSAN, VARİO, TERRA CLİCK or equivalent) Walls: water based painting of gypsum plaster (MARSHALL,DYO,POLİSAN or equivalent) Ceilings: water based ceiling painting and in some parts hidden illuminated sheetrock ceiling floor will be applied. Spots on the ceiling will be installed in the saloons (MARSHALL,DYO,POLİSAN or equivalent)

5.3. Bedrooms
Tiling: Lamparquet and baseboard (ÇAMSAN, VARİO, TERRA CLİCK or equivalent) Walls: water based painting of gypsum plaster (MARSHALL,DYO,POLİSAN or equivalent) Ceiling: Water based ceiling painting and papier-mache will be applied. (MARSHALL,DYO,POLİSAN or equivalent)

5.4. Kitchens
Tilings: 1st class ceramic (VİTRA, ÇANAKKALE, KÜTAHYA, EGE SERAMİK, BİEN, SERAMICA or equivalent) Walls: water based painting of gypsum plaster (MARSHALL, DYO, POLİSAN or equivalent) and between counters ceramic and panel covering. Ceiling: Water based ceiling painting and papier-mache will be applied. (MARSHALL, DYO, POLİSAN or equivalent) Cabinets: special manufactured in competence with project. Counters: granite or marble counter. Armature: 1st class armature (ARTEMA,ECA or equivalent) White goods: in all flats kitchen white goods (encastered dish washer, encastered owen, encastered cooker and aspirator will be installed. (FRANKE, TEKA, SIEMENS, BOSCH, HOTPOINT or equivalent). In kitchens natural gas lines will be installed. Sink: Stainless steel sink will be delivered as installed.

5.5. Bathroom
Linings : 1st class ceramic (VİTRA,ÇANAKKALE,KÜTAHYA, EGE SERAMİK, BİEN,SERAMICA or equivalent) Walls: 1st class local or imported ceramic (VİTRA, ÇANAKKALE, KÜTAHYA, EGE SERAMİK, BİEN, SERAMICA or equivalent) Ceilings: Water based ceiling painting (MARSHALL,DYO,POLİSAN or equivalent) and stropier. Armature: 1st class batteries (ARTEMA,ECA or equivalent) Vitrified: 1st class vitrified (VİTRA,CREAVİT,DURAVİT,BİEN,SEREL or equivalent) Cabinets: acrylic, lacker, mdflam or wooden covered bathroom cabinets Shower stalls: acrylic shower stalls and 6-8 mm glass cabin (PAKDUŞ or equivalent)

5.6. Balcony
Linings : 1st class ceramic (VİTRA,ÇANAKKALE,KÜTAHYA, EGE SERAMİK, BİEN,SERAMICA or equivalent) Walls: painting over decorative gypsum (JOTUN BOYA, MARSHALL, POLİSAN, DYO or equivalent) Ceilings: painting over decorative gypsum (JOTUN BOYA,MARSHALL,POLİSAN,DYO or equivalent)

5.7. Flat outer Doors and Inner Room Doors
Flat outer doors will be made of steel (SURÇELİK,KALE,STİLDOOR or equivalent). Flat indoors will be manufactured of wooden or lake case and with groined or as wooden covered. Saloon and kitchen doors will be glazed.

5.8. Common areas in buildings
Main entrance and outer stairs will be made of natural stone or ceramic covered. Stairs intervals will be covered of ceramic or natural stone. There will be post boxes in the entrance of the buildings. In some flats there will be ceiling floor. There will be illumination with censors. There will be gypsum plaster and sateen painting on the walls. (MARSHALL,DYO,POLİSAN or equivalent)

6.1. Waste water, Clean Water, Hot Water and Heating Installation For the general of the site, 1st class material with TSE certificate will be used. Clean water: In the clean water installation (FIRAT brand or equivalent) will be used. Waste water: In the waste water installation (FIRAT brand or equivalent) will be used. Hot water: will be provided by separate water heater for each flat. Heating system: natural gas central heating (VIESMANN,BUDERUS,ALARKO, MİMSAN,ECOSTAR or equivalent) with panel radiators (TERMOTEKNİK or equivalent). Thermostatic radiator valves will be used (ECA brand or equivalent). Heating installation pipes will be composed of sheathed system and will be installed under screed. There will be tower warmer in the bathrooms. Consumption expenses related with heating will be determined with share meter.

6.2. Water Tank
There will be concrete water tank with necessary capacity, water will be delivered to flats from tank via booster pump. Etna brand will be preferred for water and waste water pumps. There will be locked cleaning lids in the tanks.

6.3. Air condition installation
There will be air condition infrastructure in the salon and device will be purchased. (In 1+1 flats and ground floor flats air condition devices will not be installed) (BAYMAK,SIEMENS,BOSCH or equivalent)

6.3. Fire Alarm System and Installation
There will be fire alarm button in every floor. There will be fire exit guides. Fire installation: there will be fire installation in all buildings in competence with fire house specification (BORUSAN or equivalent) and fire closets will be put on. Besides, there will be sprinkle system in parking garage.

In all projects in site general, 1st class material with TSE certificate will be used.

7.1. Grounding
Grounding will be applied in all buildings.

7.2. Socket/Phone/TV/Internet Installation
In all flats, in competence with project, infrastructure will be applied for one phone line that will serve o saloon, kitchen and rooms. Inside the flat, there will be sockets, phone, data and TV socket (VİKO or equivalent). In 4+1 flats there will be 6 (Saloon, kitchen, parent room, children’s room), in 3+1 flats there will be 5 (Saloon, kitchen, parent room, children’s room), in 2+1 flats there will be 4 (saloon, kitchen, bedroom, children’s room), in 1+1 flats there will be 2 (saloon, bedroom).

7.3. Colored Visual Digital Intercom System
From the entrance of the blocks, flats can be called visually and block doors will be open with password, card or key (AUDIO,FERMAX,MAS,NADE or equivalent)

7.4. Internet System
There will be adequate internet infrastructure in the flats.

7.5. Digital Transmission Central Satellite Antenna System
Digital TV infrastructure will be purchased.

7.6. Generator
Generator and its installation will be provided for illumination of environment, common technical infrastructure devices and for the urgent energy need of flats during electricity cuts. (KARJEN,TEKSAN,AKSA or equivalent)

7.7. Elevators
Purchase and installation of elevators with TSE certificate will be done in blocs in competence with project. There will be 3 elevators in BlocA and 2 elevators in Bloc A. (OTİS,SCHINDLER,KONE,CNG or equivalent)

In accordance with management plan, all flats will have space for 1 car in the parking garage.

Open swimming pool (1 item ) Closed swimming pool (1 unit ) Sauna and Turkish bath for women, Sauna and Turkish bath for men, Fitness Saloon, Cafe, Playground, Basketball area, closed walking path to parking garage, site entry with garden design, closed circuit camera system.

Planting with automatic irrigation will be made in accordance with project.
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